Christchurch Earthquake Crowdsourcing Project

Earthquake Damage on Manchester Street, Christchurch and The Press have created a Canterbury Earthquake Crowdsourcing Project in conjunction with Mr. Vintage (the T-Shirt dudes). As someone who experienced the earthquake, you can submit your story, along with a photo, and pinpoint where you were and how much damage you received on a map.

Earthquake Damage on Manchester Street, Christchurch

Once complete, I can see this being a massive resource that could be used for years to come by people wanting to hear people’s experiences of living through a 7.1 magnitude earthquake plus those wanting to learn about the level of damage across certain areas of Canterbury. Particularly as it’s quite apparent that some suburbs of Christchurch received far more damage than others.

To find out more information, read the article on here or to submit your own story, visit the crowdsourcing project page.

The photo on this blog post was taken today, almost two weeks after the earthquake. It shows extensive damage to buildings and shops on Manchester Street alongside some once-loved second-hand bookstores and shops. Cracks high up in the walls balance bricks precariously above one of Christchurch’s busiest city centre streets.