Christchurch Car Finder

Christchurch Car Finder

Hundreds of Christchurch residents and tourists alike have been waiting to hear news of their cars that were left behind during the rush to flee the city centre following the 22nd February earthquake that lay waste to much of the CBD.

Those cars have been stuck behind the cordon and many anxious car owners have been left worrying about whether or not their car is even still in one piece.

Christchurch Car stuck in Breezes Road

Today, a new Christchurch Car Finder application was launched on the NZ Police website. You can find the Car Finder application here.

There should be a link on the home page of the NZ Police website. Just look for the image above. The Car Finder allows you to enter your license plate number and you will be provided with information on whether or not the Police, Parks Towing agency or Turners Auctions have details on the location of your vehicle. If you enter your plate number and no details are found, you will be presented with a form to fill out providing the details and last location of your car. The Police will then contact you when they have information.

Of course, if the Police do have information and you are able to pick up your car, make sure you have keys (and if not, make an appointment with a locksmith or if your car is new, contact your dealership) as well as extensive proof of ownership and of identity.

Holden Christchurch Car Collection

Many of the cars have been towed to the Turners Auctions car park (I believe that would be the Tower Junction one) over the past couple of weeks, or to other collection points around town. Up until now, a local business owner managed to track down his vans by using their GPS function just recently and a towing company that had access to the CBD has been providing a car collection service for around $60.

Cars Damaged in Smiths City Car Park, Christchurch

Good luck to all those looking for their cars and I hope the damage is minimal.


  • I think they should have a system like this in Japan. They could use it to find their cars if they would like to and if they’re interested to locate it. Japan needs all the help they can get right now.