Cheeky Aussies Steal All White’s Glory

Australia is well known for announcing what should be New Zealand’s claims to fame as their own. Russell Crowe, that racing horse, some other stuff. The list is memorable and endless.

But last weekend’s World Cup football match for New Zealand just takes the piss! New Zealand is rightfully basking in the glory of what, at first glance, might otherwise appear to be a mediocre game.

The All White’s 1-all draw against Slovakia might not look like much on the surface but has actually been described as the greatest result in New Zealand’s footballing history. posted a fantastic photo of the goal, which shows the awesome look of triumph on goal scorer, Winston Reid’s, face.

In the mean time, Australia went on to lose 4-0 to Germany. Which brings me nicely to more Australia-trying-to-hog-the-glory..-ness. ┬áIn a game that the world clearly knew as New Zealand versus Slovakia, tell me what’s wrong with this Sydney Morning Herald headline:

All Whites World Cup game in the Sydney Morning Herald

Yup. Australasia 1 – Slovakia 1. Australasia? OK, New Zealand is part of Australasia but if it was England versus Slovakia you wouldn’t exactly say Europe 1 – Slovaka 1 would you? Unless you were from a country called Europia and you wanted to claim back some of the glory for yourself!

There’ll probably even be a lot of internationals (Americans) that will glance at that page and have no idea they’re talking about New Zealand. I mean let’s face it, they could be talking about Christmas Island versus Slovakia with a title like that.

The Sydney Morning Herald reporter that wrote it, John Huxley, opens the article with a scoff at the All White’s manliness and a reference to them being the least watchable team of the 32 nations and then goes on to slate the match.

At least the poll at the end of the article shows that 74% of the article’s readers think that the All Whites are “capable of emulating the Socceroos of 2006”. In your face, Huxley!

Let’s hope that New Zealand’s shining voice to the world, The Flight of the Conchords, will create a good novelty song about this one day.

Update: The Guardian newspaper in England gave New Zealand the respect they deserved:

“The World Cup may not have seen a great game yet, but the tournament has been startled …┬áNobody supposed this would be the fixture to set the World Cup alight at last. It might as well have been clad in asbestos for most of the time. New Zealand are absolved of blame. Their intent to attack was apparent in the use of three forwards and there is no shame in Herbert’s team making few chances.”