Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett is a freelance journalist, a frequent blogger and also an editor for

He’s quite popular in social media circles and is someone that I’ve been following on Twitter for some time now (if you’re not familiar with Twitter, don’t worry. Following someone on Twitter is not like following them down the street).

Bill owns a blog that he regularly keeps updated with news that’s often related to IT and new media. Perhaps one of the most popular sections of Bill’s blog is his brilliant directory of New Zealand media professionals on Twitter.

This directory features a list of NZ media-types and their Twitter accounts for a number of categories, such as newspapers, journalists, bloggers and more.

What’s on the blog?

As you’d expect from a journalist, the blog itself is well written and is highly readable. It mainly features posts related to the IT industry in New Zealand.

You’ll also find a number of posts related to blogging and social media, such as this post on why you shouldn’t tweet exclamation marks with some interesting insights on how to encourage retweeting of your updates.

Where else can you find the author?

As mentioned, Bill is a popular and frequent publisher on social media channels.

At this stage, one of the better places to follow his work in through his Twitter account, @billbennettnz.