An Open Letter from a New Zealand Teacher

An Open Letter from a New Zealand Teacher

“I love my job. Every day something makes me smile.

“Sometimes children are annoying and difficult., that’s part of the job. This morning two children had mild temper tantrums because things were not going their way before school. That’s part of the job and I love the idea that they sort things out in their minds, learn from it and enjoy school for the rest of the day.

“Some days seem to be full of poo, vomit, snot and wee. That’s part of the job.

“Sometimes I feel as if nothing I say or do is making a difference to a child. That’s part of the job and I love that moment when finally something clicks and it was worth it and that is definitely part of the job.

“Sometimes parents are difficult, annoying or rude, but it is usually because they are concerned about their child and want the best for them. That is something we can agree on, talk about and work together on. That’s part of the job.

“The part of the job that I cannot accept is the steady stream of “innovations” sent from a higher authority because someone thinks it’s a good idea to raise standards of achievement. Like that’s not what we have been trying to do since we decided to train to be a teacher? Then to add insult to injury the idea that larger class sizes make no difference.

“How much time have they spent in schools, seeing the day to day wonderful stuff that comes naturally to most teachers? The way all children regardless of ability, background, colour are welcomed and cared for. The early starts, late finishes, working at home that doesn’t make this a 9 to 3 job.

I love my job. Let me do it.”

– A teacher in New Zealand.

Flickr Photo Credit: The Addingham Archive