Just a quick post to say that NZ Raw recently received its 100,000th view! Woohoo!

I once read a great piece of advice – celebrate every victory.

With that in mind and in the spirit of writing, I figured I’d write another blog post!

I’m quite proud of that statistic although it’s quite a messy one as statistics go. Mainly because this blog ran quite sporadically for a fair time and has had a fair few over-hauls and identity changes during its life. Often with quite a change of purpose – from its early days as a ‘direct support’ blog that was highly related and inter-linked with my role at the time, to what it is today. This.

Lincoln Blog
Lincoln Blog

NZ Raw started life as a simple Google Blogspot blog which I called Lincoln Blog. I had heaps of imagination back then. Mostly I wrote businessey blog posts in support of my role as Business Development Manager at Hot PJ. I’m not certain but my first blog post on there was in August of 2008, just after I’d been to a presentation on social media and blogging by Simon Young. That could well be my first blog post. 3 years of blogging? It seems so much longer!

Following that, I transferred to a more personal Blogspot blog, and then a free-hosted WordPress blog (which you can still find here) called the Redarmband of New Zealand. I think I’d just watched a Terminator movie and liked the whole ‘red armband to show you’re human’ idea of the movie and transferred this concept to my blog with the intention of writing more human blog posts than some of the robotic news posts that were being published to the net.

These posts have now been imported into this hosted WordPress blog that you’re reading now. Back then I was basically writing about whatever I happened to enjoy at the time, which tended to be interesting stuff that was going on in Christchurch as well as the occasional web-related post.

The blog has always been a great opportunity for me to learn more and experiment with blog writing, social sharing, CSS and html coding and WordPress set-ups, and these days I’m tending to do less of the ‘news’ posts and more of what I love; primarily posts discussing the use of social media in New Zealand.

In the old format, I made a blog post for when Christchurch took the title for the world’s largest scrambled egg and I attended my first Christchurch TweetUp where I met a few of the Christchurch personalities that I still chat with today.

Then people started to read it …

In its new format, I hit my most views when I posted a few photos and information just after the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. On the day of the September quake, I managed to get a laptop running at my aunt’s place (my own house had no power) and quickly put up a blog post about the earthquake. With information that I’d heard on the radio, I wrote:

Aftershocks are expected for the days following the initial earthquake. Many could be reasonably substantial.

I still have a recording from the radio with a representative from EQC saying that the aftershocks could last for a week or two! Talk about positive thinking.

Later on, after going for a wander with the camera, I posted this blog post with some more photos. In that one I said that I was sitting in a house with two collapsed and one about-to-collapse chimnies. Looking back on it I can’t believe we were inside that house without knocking down the last chimney and clearing the rubble from the roof .We spent a fair bit of time doing just that in the next few months but until that last chimney had come down, the house was quite dangerous!

Since then, after being linked to from a few big earthquake websites, I carried on to write some more earthquake blog posts seeing as, owning a camera and a laptop, living in Aranui and having an office in the red zone (it’s still in there and unable to be accessed), I was right in the thick of it.

Moving on, like I said, today I’m more focused on writing blog posts that are much more closely related to what I do for a living. Namely: online media and digital marketing, with a spot of PS3 gaming thrown in for fun. You can find my more recent web-related blog posts here.

So anyway, my wife has just handed me a copy fo Battlefield 3 so I’m off! Thanks for reading!

  • Well Done Mark,

    That is a great stat and you should be proud. I love the look of the blog and your writing is always a good read. Hope to see plenty more in the future.