Aotearoa Web Design

Aotearoa Web Design

Aotearoa Web Design is the company of a chap by the name of Jason Koning. The website is obviously there to promote his business but, being a WordPress fan-boy (like us!) Jason also provides a web design blog that can be accessed through his website.

The blog not only provides an avenue for Jason to discuss web design but is also a place where Jason posts about other goings-on in the Internet world as well as the city of Christchurch where Jason is based.

What you’ll find on the blog

As mentioned, the blog is there not as a boring and rigid look into technical aspects of web design, but as an avenue for Jason to discuss his thoughts on business and life in general, with the odd post on web design thrown in every now and again to make sure he stays on topic!

Previously, Jason has been so involved with working on client’s websites that he hasn’t had a lot of time to invest in adding content to his blog. But a recent shift in focus will see a bit more development on his own website and so we may see yet more insights into his web design work in the future.

Aotearoa Web Design

As a Christchurch business, Aotearoa Web Design is one of many businesses that strongly felt the affects of the earthquake. But this web design company was even more involved as Jason spent some time working on the official Canterbury Earthquake website itself.

Worth subscribing to if …

You currently have a website that you’d love to develop further or you’re interested in contracting a designer to create a new website for you or your business.

Also worth subscribing to if you happen to if you cruise the New Zealand web development conference circuit or if you happen to be a Nine Inch Nails fan!

You can find out more about Aotearoa Web Design’s services here.