Road to Redemption

Road to RedemptionI told myself that I was going to avoid writing about sports blogs. Specifically team sports – rugby, football, cricket and so on. Not because I’m especially against the sports themselves. More because I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

I’m the guy that will keep quiet while a group of new¬†acquaintances discusses last night’s cricket game until I’m finally dragged into the conversation by someone saying ‘Hey Lincoln, what do you think?’. After a short silence, I’ll desperately try to quote something I briefly saw in the newspaper that morning. “Ah yes’, I’ll say. ‘246 for 7 divided by 4’. This is usually then followed¬†by another short silence before the conversation carries on without me. People either side of me can be observed edging slightly towards each other until I’m finally blocked out of the circle and I’m staring at someone’s back.

So I was a bit apprehensive when I received the completed blog review request form from a Mr. Ned Davy. To be frank, I probably wouldn’t have attempted the review but I was so happy that my new form worked that I figured I’d give it a go. Then I saw that Ned uses words like ‘McSpanking’ and describes himself as a ‘forty-mumble fat man’ and I was committed.

About the blog author

Ned is a hardcore All Blacks fan and a dedicated rugby blog writer. One who has been permanently scarred by the All Blacks defeat in the 2007 quarter final in 2007. Ned travelled all the way to Cardiff to watch the game and won’t let the All Blacks forget it. He is eternally hopeful that, with the proper support, the All Blacks will find victory in 2011 on their road to redemption (ah right yeah that’ll be where the blog name comes from!).

What you’ll find on the blog

Like I said, I don’t really know a lot about rugby. I’m happy to swing a pint during a match with the rest of them but ask me any technical questions and I’ll murmur something about defensive attacking and then change the subject.

However, even I can tell that when it comes to rugby, Ned really seems to know his stuff. He’s a good writer with a smooth, conversational prose and you’ll struggle to find any typos and errors that will put you off your reading.

If you’re into rugby and you fancy reading the opinions of another and entering into a hearty debate, then head over to Ned’s rugby blog now and join in on the comments. Ned also has a bit of a shop going on so you can even wear one of his caps while you have a read!

  • Break a leg to the new Zealand rugby. Horray for world Cup 2011. Anxious for some cheering and beer.