Simone McCallum

Simone McCallum

I’ve been meaning to add a summary of Simone’s blog to this website for a while now as, from my own point of view at least, on a professional level she’s at the forefront of Social Media in New Zealand – responsible for ASB’s award-winning Virtual Branch on Facebook – and on a personal level I’m a big fan of her work.

I’m not the only one who recognises Simone’s talents on the web. She was recently chosen from a list of thousands to speak at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Simone joined a panel of four others – two from the UK and two from the US – under the heading of ‘Financial Services and Technology Rockstar Women’. It was awesome to see New Zealand represented at such a huge event. I didn’t see Australia on that panel. Just thought I’d drop that in there (we love you really Australia).

What you’ll find on the blog

Simone’s blog,, is an insight into what she calls “my random musing about stuff”. In reality, it’s a great way to pick up some tips and tools when it comes to using social media from a New Zealand perspective. Simone loves to learn about new developments and handy tools in the online world and then share her experiences.

You’ll also find plenty of mentions of other players in New Zealand’s online space, as well as some reviews and insight into how other NZ brands are using social media. Check out her tips for Countdown Supermarkets as an example. Finally, Simone also sometimes summarises social media events by putting together the best tweets in a format that’s highly readable and gives you a great snapshot of the event without even being there.

Worth reading if…

Well really the blog’s worth reading if you’re just like me and have a keen interest in getting more out of social media as well as finding out how others are using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks and social sharing sites.

By putting together blog posts on how businesses are using social media, Simone also sets the field for the odd interesting discussion in the form of blog comments. I love getting involved and talking about this kind of stuff with other New Zealand web industry professionals so maybe I’ll see you on there!

You’ll also find Simone on…

Like any true social media fan, Simone likes to get stuck into any social network to have a good play and understand the pros and cons of the service so you may find her accounts all over the web, but most commonly you can catch up with Simone on:

Or of course you can follow Simone on Twitter by hitting the button below.