Cate Owen

Cate Owen

Cate Owen’s blog welcomes you with a great design and an amusing tag line, ‘because not enough of me is online already’.

It’s a fair comment and one that actually makes sense when you find out more about Cate Owen’s day job. As the ‘social media strategist for many of New Zealand’s leading media brands, and the people who front them’, Cate spends a substantial part of her day online, although not necessarily as herself.

Cate’s blog is a chance for her to express her own personality and to speak without the restraints that go hand-in-hand with corporate social media. I’ve placed it in the ‘Social Media Blogs’ category as this is a common topic on her blog, although she also blogs about other topics such as entertainment and more.

What you’ll find on the blog

As mentioned, the blog features posts that are mainly related to Social Media or other aspects of the internet. Cate shares some interesting tips and insight into the use of Social Media in New Zealand, often including some insider information that only those in positions similar to her own would have access to.

In her own words, “This site is a mashup of many of the things I enjoy – arts, culture, memes, film, TV and my day job: Facebook and Twitter”. Cate also regularly publishes a Tweets of the Month post that features some of the best Twitter updates from that month.

Worth reading if …

… you’re in any way involved with the online presence of a New Zealand business or you have a keen interest in social media for any other reason. You’ll also love her take on the entertainment industry from a Kiwi perspective.

You can find Cate on …

As someone who’s day job is all about Social Media, it’s no surprise to see that Cate has an active Twitter account. This is probably the best place to catch up with her, if not through the blog itself.

You can follow Cate over on @CateOwen by clicking the follow button below.