Stoffels Online Store

Stoffels Online Store

Stoffels Department Store is an online store that sells literally a billion different products. Ok not a billion but a fair few.

NZ Blogs loves to support New Zealand business and if you’re a reader of NZ Blogs, you’ll no doubt be of the same mind-set. With that in mind, if you’re looking for something like Mother’s Day gifts or similar, Stoffels is one New Zealand company that would really love your business. Yes, yes, we know we’re supposed to be doing a blog review. Have no fear, Stoffels has a nifty blog that provides handy tips on things like Mother’s Day gift ideas and more.

Incidentally, if you’re reading this right now (not right now your time but right now my time which is in the run up to Mother’s Day) then be aware that you don’t have long to get a present for ya mum. If you’re reading this in the future, forget the Mother’s Day thing and check out they’re other products.

What you’ll find on the blog

Let’s be honest, the blog is there to promote the products that Stoffels sells. But that’s no bad thing as they sell a heap of different stuff for the home as well as all sorts of different gifts.

Subscribe to the Stoffels blog and you’ll be find that you’ll receive a timely reminder about upcoming events and public holidays that you could get in trouble for had you forgotten them. Things like the above mentioned Mother’s Day as well as Easter and other events.

You’ll also get the latest news from this funky Kiwi business and information on new products and the like.

About the blog author

In this case, the blog is specifically for a business, so the author is Stoffels themselves. Stoffels is run by a lady originally from Holland who came to New Zealand in 1981 (so she’s been here longer than me then!).

The peeps over at have a great summary of their business as well as a Site Profile for Stoffels featuring the latest updates from the Stofells blog.