VeloFille Blog

VéloFille is the personal blog of Liz, a ‘cycling, running, girl geek’. The blog is regularly updated, well designed, well written and a great personal insight into the life of a modern day Kiwi family gal living on the north island of New Zealand.

What you’ll find on the blog

The VéloFille blog (“Vélo as in bike, fille as in girl”) contains Liz’s posts about her passions of cycling, running and weightloss as well as the odd geek-chic technology post and a dash of humour and amusing photos.

A typical post would be Liz’s basic guide to bikes which is a great introduction to choosing a bike – whether it be a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid or a ‘warehouse special’. Although Liz informs us that the last one is only suitable as a gift for people that you don’t like.

Liz also seems to know a thing or two about buying a selling products online and has a great guide to Trade Me.

About the blog author

As this is a personal blog, you can pretty much get an insight into the world of Liz in every post that you read. However, you can find out more by visiting the about page. You can add yourself as one of her many followers through her Twitter account.

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… you’re particularly interested in biking and would like the odd laugh or too delivered to your inbox to read during your morning coffe break.