Kirsty contacted me through NZ Blogs back in November (sorry for the delay, Kirsty!). When Kirsty asked if I could review her blog, she said “I am a local mother from Auckland but don’t hold that against me!” which helped me to instantly warm to her! And that really set the scene well in the introduction of her blog.

Kirsty’s blog is entitled ‘Mummybrain’ with a tagline of ‘The how-not-to-do-it guide of marriage, miscarriage, children, divorce, step-children’. In her words, it’s a ‘bit of this, bit of that’ with a focus mainly on family and crafts.

Her blog ( is well written and she does a great job of getting her fun and caring personality across in her writing. As well as describing her blog, she also sums up herself well in her Twitter bio ‘Attempts to be an amusing, but sometimes serious, witty, but sometimes pathetic, person, about being a mother, a wicked step-mum, a divorcee, and fiancée.’ You can find her on Twitter here: @mummybrain.

What you’ll find on the blog

The blog is quite varied but I think I can possibly sum it up well by summarising the last three blog posts. These are:

  • Guest Post: The Big “C”
    A blog post written by Heater; a mum and a cancer survivor. An amazing and heartfelt  insight into Heather’s life and a step by step account of what ran through her mind when she was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 36.
  • Pinterest Pins
    A quick snapshot of some cool and unique photos that Kirsty has found on Pinterest (a fast emerging website that I keep meaning to get into!)
  • Do I Work?
    A smart and amusing look at a common scenario for many busy mothers.

Kristy’s blog posts are refreshingly short and readable. They’re just long enough to provide you with a smile or to just touch on your emotions without being so long that you lose interest. It also looks like she has a few dedicated followers that she interacts with through comments.

Bonus points for Social Media

I love a blogger that likes to make the most of social media and experiment with new channels as they become available. Kirsty appears to be one of these people as she not only has a Facebook Page but she also has a Twitter account (mentioned above) and even a Google+ Page. She has a respectable number of followers on Twitter with over 2,000 Tweeps/Twits following her updates.

Be sure to connect with Kirsty through the above channels and have a read of her blog. If you like what you see, you can subscribe through RSS or email. Great work Kirsty.


  • Thank you so much Mark, what a wonderful review, I am humbled!