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Duncan’s Blog

Duncan's Blog

Duncan’s blog (or blob) is the blog of Duncan Jessep. Duncan brought this blog to my attention through the miracle of Twitter.

I’m glad he did, Duncan writes with a very similar style to my own, albeit with a bit more intelligence behind it and with a wider vocabulary! He doesn’t take himself too seriously and disperses his more business-like blog posts (such as the use of Twitter over Facebook for business or his posts about the US elections) with some more light-hearted posts along the lines of what to do after purchasing your MiG-21 fighter jet.

What you’ll find on the blog

Duncan originally set out to publish blog posts on topics that he was researching at university, although many of his posts offer a more humorous social commentary. Early articles covered the reform of the financial markets and politics, the subject matter of latest articles range from “collective nouns for monsters” to promotional plugs.

Ok so if you know my own writing style you’ll probably have read that above paragraph and thought ‘Hang on, these words are far longer than usual’ and you’d be right! I copied most of that paragraph from Duncan’s blog. But that should give you an insight into his writing – intellectual, witty, well-composed and with a good blend of serious issues mixed with Duncan’s humorous insight and Kiwi twang. In fact, you’ll get a pretty good idea of Duncan’s blog content simply by viewing his blog header image.

Duncan also has an article section as well as a section on why blogs rock. Good to see a fellow blog fan out there, even if he is using Blogspot over WordPress (I love WordPress). It looks like Duncan will also soon be uploading his university essays which you will find in the ‘Research’ section.

About the blog author

Duncan is a university student that ‘loves a good banter’. If you drop by his blog, be sure to read a post and place a comment and I’m sure Duncan will reply. Duncan is one of the few New Zealand blog writers that I’ve seen who actually appears to care about his quality or writing in terms of proper grammar and punctuation.

Worth subscribing to if …

… you’re interested in the opinions of others and are keen to discuss world issues with a fellow intellect without getting too serious and retaining a smile. I already follow Duncan through his Twitter account (and if you’re on Twitter then you should too) but I’ll be sure to subscribe to his blog as well. His RSS feed is here. Cheers Duncan.

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  • thanks “Gandalf” not sure where u get your info, perhaps Frodo told u. He is also good at getting out of tight situations.

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    geeze gandalf… think above the belt…. or sash. or whatever it is you have holding that cape/wizard outfit on

  • For those who are insanely confused regarding the above comments, I deleted a comment from the famous ‘Gandalf’ that was appreciative yet verging on the ‘rude’ side. Let the confusion reign!

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    Why did you delete my comment?!?! I was just expressing my great envy for Duncan’s fortunate endowment

  • Sorry Gandalf, I guess I was trying to focus on Duncan’s other asset – his blog!