NZ Police Blog

NZ Police Blog

The NZ Police are taking steps to connect with the community and increase the number and quality of their recruits by stepping into the world of Social Media.

The NZ Police Blog on the New Cops website has been set up in the last few months and looks set to publish comments and feedback from New Zealand police officers currently on operations throughout the country.

About the author

At this stage, the blog is in the early days. A post was published on December 22nd of 2010 to introduce one of the authors, a police officer called Clare. At time of writing, there appear to be no new posts and no comments or feedback.

I assume that there will be posts from Clare and other police officers in the future based on their experiences of  the everyday life as a police officer as well as the police recruitment process (the blog is hosted on the New Cops website after all).

Update on 15th Jan 2012: It’s almost a year since I wrote this blog post and there hasn’t been a great deal of activity over on the New Cops blog. Well … none at all that I can see! I do note that suddenly the date of the first post has updated to 12th Jan though so hopefully they’re re-looking at this project and will be launching it fully soon. Back to my original review …

What you’ll find on the blog

As mentioned, at this stage there’s not a lot there other than a welcome post. However, the post does tell us what they plan to post on the blog:

In my next blog I will share a few stories of interesting times I have had in the job.

Nothing new yet though. Perhaps nothing interesting has happened since then?

The whole website is heavily targeted towards recruiting new police personnel so, as you may expect, there are links to online police tests and information on joining the police force in New Zealand.

There also appear to be a couple of subsidiary blogs such as a Police Fitness blog and a Police College blog although these also both only feature one welcome post. They aren’t particularly well linked to from the New Cops home page – perhaps they were put live a bit too ahead of schedule in the hope that no one would find them yet? Update: Ok so those blogs were removed or have changed addresses! Guess the NZ Police haven’t quite kicked off these blogs just yet.

As well as the blog, you can actually keep up with a new recruit at the Royal NZ Police College on Twitter as she undertakes her training by following her Twitter account.

We look forward to seeing the sort of posts that end up on this blog.

Could be a case of ‘better blog stories’?

P.S. Note that this is a new blog set up for the Police College. The original NZ Police Blog is a lot more plain looking and can be found here.

  • Kim_hudson90

    Where do we send good comments to about the police? Can only find complaints

  • Good question, Kim.

    The Police have a contact form on their own website here:

    But they aren’t really for submitting publicly like on a review site. You could always post your feedback for them here in a comment :)

  • Dude, take a look at a blog some of us started while we are training for joining the police.
    I’ll link your blog to our blog.

  • Lincoln

    Hey that’s awesome! Thanks for the link. The blog’s looking great – quite interesting reading. Keep it up and I hope the training goes well!

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback. The blog is growing every day, and its writers are having fun posting stories etc. I love watching it grow.
    I can assure you, one day we all will be cops.
    Can I link your site on the blog?

  • Lincoln

    Great to hear it. Yeah by all means, I’d love a link from your blog. Thanks Justin.

  • Archie

    I personally think the whole police application and recruitment process is a farce .It is cock-eyed , ill thought out and so extreemely inefficient it is a wonder that anyone is actually joining. The interview process should be at the beginning not the end, no one ever knows how the application is proceeding and they keep you hanging on for months and months before they respond. It is though your life is put on fhold for 2 years before you even know if you are accepted. You pass the physical and yet others who don’t get allowed through.
    It is a complete farce