Hungry and Frozen

It’s almost shameful that I created a blog review site and haven’t yet added any food blogs. Particularly as, for many people, blogs about food (cooking, recipes, food photography, etc.) are the first type of blog that many people come across. And also because of that Julie and Julia (or was it Julia and Julie) movie where Meryl Streep puts on that really annoying voice.

Many of us have searched for a recipe online, expecting perhaps to be shown a website for a huge corporate supermarket chain, only to come across some wondrous gem from the corners of the web.

Cooking is a hobby that invokes a great deal of passion and creativity in some people. That brings me nicely to a cooking blog by the name of ‘hungry and frozen’ by Wellington lass, Laura Vincent.

Hungry and Frozen

What’s the blog about?

The blog is an avenue for Laura to publish her various recipes and experiments in the kitchen. Her most recent blog post, at time of writing, is a fantastic collection of prose and photography which describes a delicate dish that’s seriously making me want to stop typing, go to the kitchen and get busy with some eggs.

Laura writes in a conversational tone with a quirky and witty edge. Towards the end of the blog post she asks…

…. does anyone have any particularly reliable tips for poaching eggs? Mine is to pay someone in a cafe to do it for you.

The blog appears to have a great following with an audience that love to interact through comments. Laura also appears to put a lot of work into the blog, which is created on Google’s blogspot platform, and writes regular, long and well thought-out blog posts.

Who’s behind the blog?

The blog was started in 2007 by Laura Vincent, a rural South Aucklander who now lives in Wellington.

Laura aims to one day wirte a cookbook and, judging from the content in her blog, I’m sure it will be a great success. In fact, Laura has already received a fair bit of attention in the media, including a mention as well as a feature and cover story in the Sunday Star times.

You can also find Laura on Twitter under the name HungryandFrozen.