Mark Lincoln

Mark and FamilyMark Lincoln is the Online Media go-to guy for a couple of brands belonging to one of New Zealand’s largest companies. He’s also the founder of this here blog and keeps meaning to work on NZ Blogs, a website for bloggers, in what’s left of his spare time. Mark likes social media, blogging, photography, and talks about himself in the third person too much.

Online Media

I’ve been building a solid career in the fantastic and diverse world of online content since I first moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2001.

I love all forms of online media, from writing text content designed for results on the web, to photography and video editing. I also have a passion for search engine optimisation and love the challenge of creating fresh content that returns high ranking positions, or taking old and tired content and turning it into something destined for sound online presence.

I have a weakness for getting stuck into every form of new social media that becomes available. This is usually to experiment and evaluate the best uses for business.

I also really enjoy keeping up with other social media and online marketing types in New Zealand and love sharing ideas on how to best use these amazing tools to further New Zealand business.

Social Media Presentations

Throughout my career, I’ve been invited to speak at a number of conferences on the use of social media for charities and non-profits in New Zealand.

I spoke at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) conference of 2009 and, following that, I was invited to speak at the Engage Your Community conference, also for non-profits. I’ve also spoken at a number of more personal workshops to an audience of 20 to 30 small business owners at a time, to introduce business professionals to social media.

These People Said Nice Things

Some really quality people have said some touching things about me over on my LinkedIn profile so I thought I’d mention a few of them here. Because … you know … it’s all about me.

“Mark was one of the most impressive people I worked with in my time at the company … People knew that when you gave him a challenge he would learn how to find the solution and get the job done. I highly recommend Mark as a guy who gets things done.”
– Nick Petrie, Performance at Work

“Mark is one of the people in New Zealand who got into social media before it was cool! He knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, particularly web marketing. A very good guy.”
– Simon Young, sy social media consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark for over a year now. Mark writes about a variety of topics for a wide variety of industries. His research and communication skills are excellent. He is a creative, dedicated, attentive worker who has a talent for writing web content that is optimised to get results.”
– Anna Cameron, Avatar Web Design and Promotion

“I’ve had a number of business dealings with Mark over the past few months and have been really impressed with his efficiency, friendliness and work ethic. I’ve recommended him to several people as being an excellent copywriter.”
– Dave Manville, Write Ahead

Contact Mark

You can contact me with any feedback, huge cash donations or purely to deliver some top-spec adoring fan-mail using this contact form or the email address below.


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