Where to Watch the Rugby

Where to Watch the Rugby

With one of the biggest sporting events to hit New Zealand coming up later this year, there’s plenty to take care of to ensure maximum awesomeness for the event.

It could be a fair while before the Rugby World Cup comes back around to New Zealand so take the bull by the horns and go all out while you still have the chance!

Like all great experiences, preparation is key. Plan ahead for all the big games and, unless the All Blacks struggle to bring it home, you won’t be disappointed!

First off, to do this properly, you’ll need to mark the games in your diary. Preferably an online diary and make sure you set multiple reminders. If possible, reminders with flashing lights and audio alerts. You can find the Rugby World Cup 2011 schedule on the Sky Sports website. Mark the dates now!

Next, you’ll need to find a venue. Where you watch the rugby matches can play a large part in your enjoyment of the games. This part could be tricky. I’ve detailed some options below as well as the pros and cons for each.

All Blacks Rugby

Watching Rugby at Your Mate’s

Always a safe option. When it comes to securing your mate’s place as the official watching venue, you’ll need to make sure that there’s no question of you ever not being on the guest list.

It’s a good idea to start early with a few subtle compliments. Perhaps your mate has just polished his car and it’s looking particularly shiny today? Is that a new suit he’s wearing? Is he sporting a new haircut? How far you want to go is up to you. You’ll know when the time is right to ask.

Pros include enjoying your mate’s new TV and Sky subscription and not having to worry about cleaning up the mess when you leave.

Cons are minimal but include having to stick to your mate’s house rules, travel and bringing your own beer with you.

Sports Bar

Watching Rugby at a Bar

A classic choice. Bar’s often come complete with a great atmosphere, big screen TVs and unlimited access to chips and peanuts.

Phone ahead to make sure the bar is actually screening the rugby games to avoid disappointment.

Pros of watching rugby in a bar amongst friends and fellow fans are plentiful.

Cons include risking not being able to get into the bar due to the busy crowds. Best to get in early or risk being left out in the cold.

Mum will be so pleased to see you

Watching Rugby at Your Mum’s

Hmm. This one’s questionable. While there are plenty of pros to watching rugby at your mum’s, including an endless supply of cups of tea and biscuits and a really comfortable blanket should the temperature start to drop, the risk of damage to your reputation may outweigh the pros.

In summary, watching rugby at your mum’s should be only considered as a last resort.

Expert rugby watchers will learn to pick and choose amongst the above options over the longer tournaments to avoid wearing out their welcome at each venue.

Wherever you choose to watch the rugby this year, ensure you’re in good company and plan for a great result.

Go black!

Flickr image credit: kiwi, iirraa and kconnell