Clients from Hell

Clients from Hell

Clients from Hell isn’t a New Zealand blog but it’s a very popular and humourous blog so I’ve included it here. is a blog that’s actually created by the graphic designers and web developers of the world. Designers anonymously submit their stories of unique clients that they have dealt with during the course of their work.

What you’ll find on the blog

The blog is frequently updated with short conversations that designers have had with their clients. Having worked in the web design industry, I (and I’m sure many other New Zealand designers and web developers) can absolutely relate to many of these conversation snippets. Even if you’re not in the design industry, you’ll hopefully get a laugh out of the stupidity and rudeness of some people in the world.

Here’s a typical example:

Client: “I want to call my company [name].”

Me: “You do realise that name’s almost identical to [name] – a huge international corporation.”

Client: “Yes. It’s a great idea. People will come to my website, thinking I’m them.”

Me: “Do you also realise that [name] have a habit of suing people for that sort of thing.”

Client: “Wow! Just think of the publicity I’ll get. A true “David and Goliath” story. The press will love it! Fantastic. Do it!”

Me: “Sorry, but I really don’t want to be sued by them.”

Client: “You’ll get the publicity too! Don’t you want free publicity?”

About the blog author

This blog is not actually written by one person. It’s written by the designers of the world. Anyone can visit the website and submit a story anonymously to share their pain. The blog’s creator is in the process of compiling the best posts and creating a book, although this may only be released in the US.

Worth subscribing if…

… you’re also in the design industry and want the peace of mind that you’re not the only one that has to deal with clients like yours.