US Earthquake Video by Twitter

US Earthquake Video by Twitter

Following the almighty east coast earthquake in the US (sorry, I swear that’s all the piss-taking I’ll do in this post), Twitter have released a great video that shows just how fast Twitter is.

Entitled “Twitter, faster than earthquakes”, it’s a video that’s been put together to show that Twitter was faster than the earthquake itself. Namely, that it took 30 seconds for the 5.9 Virginia¬†earthquake to travel from Washington DC to New York and so anyone watching their Twitter feeds at that time would have been able to read about it on Twitter before they felt the quake itself.

There’s a strong element of truth to the otherwise commical video. That’s why so many news networks have people monitoring Twitter for breaking news. Here in New Zealand, after each aftershock you would get an absolute torrent of reports from the public and within minutes you’d get a good idea of how the quake was felt around a certain region. It’s always amusing to watch the public on Twitter reporting on the aftershocks a good ten or fifteen minutes before you see the news accounts mention the ‘breaking’ news.

Anyway, here’s the vid.

YouTube comments are barely worth the pixels they’re written with at the best of times but it is interesting to see that some people are suggesting this video is in poor taste and even “too soon” as if it’s a bad joke made shortly after someone’s death.

I guess it’s hard to relate to having been through the quakes we’ve had over here (and even for the US, comparing the quakes to those in the California area), but we do have to remember that this was quite a shock to those on the east coast, and it was also only 1km deep so would have actually been quite a violent shake. Also, there’s a lot more people in high-rise buildings over there so do spare a thought for those that were upset by the earthquake.

Check out this video (after half way through) showing people crowding onto the roofs of huge skyscrapers and imagine being up there when an aftershock hits.

There are a few videos of damage and it’s an all too familiar sight for Kiwis!

If you’re interested in the power of Twitter, check out the other official Twitter videos on the Twitter¬†YouTube channel.

  • The skyscraper bit is HIARIOUS!!! OMG Lol