EQC lay complaint with police over email from Bryan Staples

EQC lay complaint with police over email from Bryan Staples

What is going on over at EQC right now?!

So a short while ago, EQC announced that they had accidentally emailed a list of information (claim references or some such) to someone outside of the EQC organisation. All good though – they’d been in contact with that recipient and the recipient had assured them that he would delete the email and hold no record of it. Also worth noting is that EQC say that without other information, the emailed details are useless anyway.

But then today we receive an email from EQC’s Chief Executive, Ian Simpson, simply notifying us that the original recipient, Bryan Staples, has told EQC that he intends to retrieve the information (I guess from his ‘deleted’ folder) and use it … in some way. For evil. Somehow. Unless EQC pay some accounts in full.

So I guess the recipient is owed money by EQC – he’s some kind of supplier, tradesperson, or similar. Then again there are probably thousands of people who will say that EQC owe them money … but then we residents probably wouldn’t use the phrase ‘settle these accounts’ so that rules them out. Here’s the email:

EQC lays complaint to police over email threat

This evening I’m writing to advise you that the Earthquake Commission has laid a complaint with Christchurch police over indications that the recipient of an accidental email release of private customer information intends to retrieve and use the information. Bryan Staples told EQC today that he will retrieve the email and attachment after providing verbal and written assurances, and a signed Statutory Declaration, that he would delete them.

Mr Staples’ email advised EQC: “If you pay these accounts in the in full within the required time frame, there will be no media announcement and the matter will die a natural death.” The confidential information was released by mistake. I have apologised for that and I am determined not to add to any distress already caused by the mistake. Ian Simpson EQC Chief Executive

So I’m not really sure what’s going on or if, as claimants, we’re at risk in anyway (EQC seem to be of the opinion that we’re not but this chap thinks otherwise.

I also don’t know who Bryan Staples is but as far as I can tell he’s holding Christchurch residents affected by the earthquake to ransom and, as one of those, I know that we can get pissed off about that sort of thing pretty easily so can’t imagine this guy would be received warmly by my fellow residents after this!

While reading the EQC email, I can’t really escape the feeling that it’s not exactly professional. I mean, it’s awesome that EQC want to keep people updated on this, but I’m not sure they’ve gone the right way about it. Quoting his email to them and everything. Hmm.

Ah wait I just Googled the guy. He’s a former employee of EQC (did EQC still have him as part of an internal email group and that’s how he received the email?) and now seems to run his own service here. He also looks like he’s not new to having a  go at EQC (there’s a page called “EQC Spin” on that website.

Oh hello, I just found a video of the bloke:

Interestingly the link to his own profile on his website goes to a page that no longer exists and, while you can find his LinkedIn profile in Google search results, his profile no longer exists on there either. Is he hiding now?

Feels like Bryan has been trying to make a name for himself as someone who’s on the side of ‘the people’ and against EQC, but now EQC are suggesting he’s threatening action which would put ‘the people’ at risk unless EQC pay him what he’s apparently owed.

If you’re out there Bryan, feel free to leave a comment! Would love to hear your thoughts on this!