360° Panorama of Christchurch from its Tallest Building

360° Panorama of Christchurch from its Tallest Building

I was honoured to be invited to my cousin, Doug’s, secret photography spot; the off the Rendezvous Hotel, Christchurch’s tallest building since the earthquake toppled the rest.

Christchurch 360 Panorama

Doug is one half of The Heather and Doug Records, a professional photography couple. He has special permission to visit the roof of the hotel for his photography projects. While up there, I snapped a few photos myself (obviously only as an amateur photographer… on my iPhone. I took some with a better camera but appear to have misplaced those thanks to my excellent filing system).

Christchurch from Above

Along with the photos, I took a quick video (really just to demonstrate the sounds of the rebuild – quite impressive from above) and managed to take a 360° panorama of Christchurch using the iPhone app of the same name, by Occipital.



You can move around inside that or view it as the awesome ‘globe’ image that’s in the title of this post. Here are a few more general shots:

Christchurch Cathedral from Above

The Christ Church Cathedral. Note the surrounding buildings are also boarded up, no lights on.


Earthquake damage around the new cathedral

Cleared sites along Manchester Street. Lots of larger buildings with no lights on. Calendar Girls standing loud and proud in front of Les Mills.

Abandoned Buildings

More cleared sites. The new ‘cardboard cathedral’ illuminated nicely.

West Christchurch

Looking more to the west, past the new Novotel Hotel. Tall building to the right is empty.

A Proper Photographer

Cousin Doug, hard at work.