Yougle (Google Profiles)

Yougle (Google Profiles)

Google has recently created a “Google Me” page. This is an online profile (another one!) that is specifically linked to Google search results.

Whenever I get an inquiry from a prospect I haven’t heard of, or I want to find info on an industry colleague or a competitor, I always Google their name.

If they have a unique name, you’re bound to track them down.

However, it’s always been difficult if you have a common name like mine, Mark Lincoln, which is also a model name of an American car (see pic).

LincolnSo today I set up a Google profile. These profiles then appear at the bottom of the first page of results for Google name searches in order to help people find you.

Really it’s just another excuse to build your online presence, but it does help correlate all your personal online sites into one easy to find profile.

This profile links directly with my blogspot (which you happen to be reading), my YouTube (set up with my Google account), my Gmail account (Google mail) as well as others such as Twitter, Flickr etc.

Is Google taking over the world? Probably. Vote for Google! (I can see it now. A Google world like in those sci-fi movies where one corporation runs the planet)