Christchurch Builders for Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Builders for Earthquake Damage

Some of the busiest people following the earthquake are tradespeople. There’ll be a heap of work to do with regards to making buildings safe, fixing water pipes and sorting out electrical problems.

Christchurch builders, Carl and Maria McHaffie of McHaffie Homes, are running around the city right now taking care of earthquake damaged homes and workplaces.

Christchurch Builders for Earthquake Damage

One of their key specialities right now appears to be chimney removal! I joined them this morning to take down a friend’s chimney that looked like it was about to fall. We removed the bricks layer by layer from the top down using a mallet and chisel. By the time we got to the last 4 or 5 levels, we no longer needed the mallet as the mortar had crumbled and the bricks were completely loose following the earthquake. Another good aftershock and the whole thing would have collapsed and gone through the neighbour’s window.

If you have a chimney, wall, ceiling or anything else that needs a professional builder’s attention in Christchurch, give Carl and Maria a call on 021 406 112 or at the office (03) 351 5382 (although they’ll be better on the cellphone as they’ll probably be on the road). Tell them I sent you!

Update: I’ve spent a lot of time on roofs myself over the past few days since the 22nd February earthquake (or aftershock). Check out my how-to guide on short term roof repairs on the new blog post ‘Earthquake Roof Repairs‘.

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