Charity Matters by Graeme Russell

Charity Matters by Graeme Russell

I’ve long been a fan of Graeme Russell on Twitter (you may know him on there as @AdageBusiness), so when he contacted me to ask if I could take a look at his blog, Charity Matters, I was secretly quite honoured.

Graeme is a ‘Non-Profit Strategist’ helping New Zealand non-profits with all aspects of their organisation; from fundraising to governance, and from media relations to social media. It may seem strange to think of it that way but I’d imagine that non-profits can be just as competitive as other businesses – as Grame says, “with a vast array of non-profits competing for attention, funding and more, it’s important that all areas of an organisation are fine tuned, that new ways of doing things are explored and that the organisations profile is high and people know and understand the work that you do.”

As part of his work and as a way to provide interesting resources and guides for non-profits, Graeme has put together his blog.

The Charity Matters Blog

The Charity Matters Blog

What you’ll find on the blog

The Charity Matters (oh hey, I just got the pun) blog exisits to discuss subjects that matter both to charities and to all those individuals and organisations “working in and supporting this important sector”.

Posts cover those issues that are key to charities and fundraising, such as the post entitled ‘Charities and The Privacy Act‘, as well as posts on the use of social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, and the like – from a non-profit perspective. Take a look at this post on using social media to help create awareness for your fundraising event, ‘Social Media and your Event‘.

Worth subscribing to if …

Obviously this looks to be a great blog to subscribe to if you’re in any way involved with running a non-profit organisation in New Zealand and you’re looking to increase your profile, or perhaps you’re in the early stages of running a fundraising event (in which case I’d recommend getting in touch with Graeme directly as well).

The blog’s also worth keeping an eye on if you or your business provides non-profit organisations with products and services.

You can subscribe through your Posterous account or perhaps catch up with Graeme over on Twitter (button below) or via his Adage Business Facebook Page.


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