Big Ups

I love Social Media. It means that I can interact with so many other New Zealanders that would otherwise pass me by.

Here are some really kind words from others in New Zealand’s blogging and social media community. You guys rock!

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely speechless. You are wonderful. Thank you for giving my query so much thought and giving fantastic suggestions.

Duncan Jessep Duncan
DUDE that is awesome. big ups. Love your website idea. fantastic!

Duncan Duncan
Never thought i’d see the day… a blog review! I’ve made it! Cheers nzblogs

Livvy Marketing Livvy
wow thanks for the really great review – much appreciated! Better get onto another blog post!

Livvy Marketing Livvy
Just had a really nice review written on my new blog by nzblogs

Social Media NZ@SocialMedia_NZ
… it’s awesome what you guys are doing in recognising blogs in New Zealand. Keep it up :)