Twins Dancing Video

Twins Dancing Video

I know it’s not really good form to post two awesome things in a row, and  I’m not quite sure the world is ready for this much awesome, but I came across this video today and I just couldn’t resist adding it to our new awesome category. Plus He-Man was looking a bit lonely.

This video of dancing twins jamming away to ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast on the Nintendo Wii  is a great example of how console gaming is shaping the next generation and how consoles can be used to advance dexterity and coordination from an early age.

It’s also one great fat pile of awesome and that’s why you should watch it.

It was posted all of 8 days ago and already has over 2 million views on YouTube. My wife would say that the kid on the right has “pop” or something similar. He certainly seems to be cranking out some great dance moves while maintaining a calm ‘blue-steel’ expression.

The young chap on the left has still got the moves but also bursts into occasional song. Good on him.

A second video shows the two dancing to a song that I’m not familiar with. It’s not quite as awesome but is still worth a watch, if only for the ballet-style tip-toeing that just kicks ass.

Kudos, lads. Kudos.