Awesomest Thing on the Internet: He-man Flash

Awesomest Thing on the Internet: He-man Flash

I’m actually a bit speechless right now so I’m not going to say much about this.

All you need to know is that you’re about to witness something truly awesome.

This was shared on Google+. It’s already been around for a while and is being used in some interesting ways. Apparently if you head to the Black Acre Brewing website you’re asked if you are over 21 before you can access the site. If you state that you’re under 21, you’re treated to this brilliant masterpiece.

I did a quick search and all I could find was that it had been posted elsewhere by a user called Slackcircus. Why am I even still writing? You’re not reading this are you? You’re currently awestruck by the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen on the Internet. A He-man Flash animation to the tune of “What’s Going On” by 4 Non Blondes.

I’ll leave you to it then.

What’s really funny is that if you view the original music video on YouTube, the top two comments are:

This is a great cover of the He-man classic. (249 thumbs up in one week)

I honestly like the He-Man version of this song better. (60 thumbs up)

Following this, I have decided to create a new category on NZ Raw. It shall be entitled ‘Awesome‘. Watch out for more awesome things to come.

  • Here’s a tip: I like to leave this post open in a browser tab while I work. You can’t beat it.

  • Aidan

    Honestly haven’t laughed so hard in ages…

  • AWESOME!! What a great start to my day!

  • Robert Crosse

    What a load of CRAP !!!!!