Mark LincolnNZ Raw is a New Zealand blog written by a guy called Mark Lincoln who lives on a mountain high above the city of Christchurch, New Zealand (not the old zealand).

The blog initially started due to the author’s boredom with the sterile reporting of many news providers. It then progressed to a platform by which Mark occasionally attempted to fight back at the system, or something. Following that, Mark grew up a bit and the blog is now used to express his opinions on New Zealand’s web industry and share some tips on using social media for businesses. Because this blog was never really intended to be a one-trick-pony, you’ll often also find some blog posts related to other stuff happening in New Zealand. Earthquakes and so on.

NZ Raw attempts to discuss news topics and business in New Zealand with less formality and more grit. This template is also applied to product reviews, entertainment and other topics with the intention of providing a little light-hearted reading and generating some discussion.

Mark also provides some copy writing services for online content. Check out the web writer page for more information.

Use of Photos from NZRaw.co.nz

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Photos on this website that display the ‘nzraw.co.nz’ watermark are available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Photos with this watermark have been taken by myself unless otherwise stated. There are photos used on this site that do not display this watermark. These may or may not be from a third party.

A few photos of the Canterbury earthquake and subsequent aftershocks have featured in magazines, school projects, geo-technical study papers and now even a National Geographic TV documentary. Cool huh? For use of photos for commercial, TV or printed media, please contact me.