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Mark Lincoln in ChristchurchNZ Blogs has been created to help quality New Zealand bloggers get found in search engines and through this site. New Zealand bloggers are this small nation’s voice against mass media and international corporations. When Dell customer service screwed over the little guy, the little guy happened to have a blog and within a few days, his blog post ‘Dell Hell’ ranked higher than Dell for a Google search of ‘Dell’! Dell soon realised the power of blogs to help even the playing field. No longer would big companies be able to screw people over and provide poor customer service.

The saying used to be something like “If a person has a good experience with a company, they’ll tell 2 people. If they have a bad experience, they’ll tell 10 people”. To many big corporates, 10 people is small fry. With the power of blogs today, a person who has a bad experience has the potential to reach millions with their message. For that reason, companies have more of a responsibility to maintain high standards.

Likewise, people who have good experiences with companies also have the power to reach millions and spread the love. All hail the blogger.

Using this Resource

Feel free to browse through the blogs that are posted as individual mini-review-blog-posts in the ‘Blogs’ section (funny that). I’ll be trying to provide a short overview of what each blog that I find has to offer, and categorising them in the fields of travel, personal, news, political, etc.

Please feel free to interact with this website. You can post comments on reviews and other blog posts using your own blog account, your Twitter account, your Facebook account and more. Each comment with feature a link on your name to your own website or social media account.

As well as reviews of individual blogs, you’ll also find some articles and resources that can help you to create your own blog. If you already have a blog, you may find some helpful guides on how to improve the online presence of your blogs and get ranked higher in search engines such as Google.

About the Author

This website is created by me, Mark Lincoln, entirely on the brilliant WordPress blogging platform. I love WordPress.

I also created my own blog, New Zealand Raw, using WordPress and use this as a platform to vent my furstrations with companies, recognise companies that provide good products and services and also to voice my opinion on New Zealand news and wider world issues with, hopefully, a slightly more personal and humourous slant than you might find on official news websites or from any American (Sorry America but I just don’t get Seinfeld).

Also don’t tell anyone but I’m not actually New-Zealand-born. I was born in the UK and landed in New Zealand on September 11th, 2001. An easy date to remember but a hard date to celebrate. I’ve recently bought my first house in Aranui, Christchurch. This makes me pretty ‘local’. Aranui is the bronx. I spend a fair bit of my spare time trying to convince my fellow ‘Aranuians’ to refer to the neighbourhood as “the ‘nui” but this isn’t going so well. I may have to move soon.

You can find me all over the web but maybe try these first:

If you’d like to contact me about anything, just drop me a line using this contact form.